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Tai Chi Tommy / Jack Goldstein - Split single


Limited split single from Tai Chi Tommy and Jack Goldstein. 2 haunting cuts from the Lofi voodoo crooner on one side & A daydream melancholy medley from Jack Goldstein

Welcome to the Sad souls social club. Where all freaks, geeks, and sleaziest of monsters are welcome. Sitting on the edge of paradise and a sultry Halloween dream is where you'll find it. Tonight we welcome Tai Chi Tommy. Feel the lure of the sweet tones from the voodoo crooner with this ode to ghostly love songs of years long gone by. Jack's songs from the album 'SANDWICHES' a song-cycle thats hung up on an anthropomorphised love between a google image search of Honolulu and a snoozy, under imagined interzone about 5 miles north-west of Oxford. Devastating times, circa now.